Selling Your Home – Eight Steps to Success

1. When to Sell?

  • Simple question but important answer based on where you live. Are you near a school? How much time does it take you to pack?
  • Have an organized plan for yourself
  • You should put your home on the market before looking to purchase another. Discuss questions with a real estate agent.

2. Contact a Realtor

  • A Realtor will do a Market Analysis and tell you what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. A good agent will walk you through the process and paperwork. He’ll have a marketing plan for your home as well. Ask your real estate agent about his experience and knowledge of the area.

3. Price your Home at Market Value

  • Overpricing your home will keep it on the market too long and actually get you a lower offer in the long run. Also, an appraisal will be done on your home for the buyer. You will have a hard time selling if your home doesn’t appraise for the asking price. Your real estate agent will help you with pricing.

4. Prepare Your Home for the Market

  • Complete all work that is necessary.
  • Paint walls, make the outside presentable for curb appeal, and complete small issues the home may have.
  • A Home Inspector will find problems, so it’s best to get your home in the best possible shape.
  • De-Clutter Your Home! Make it appear big!

5. Market Your Home

  • Ask your real estate agent about Open Houses, Internet Presence, Video Marketing, Signs, and Home Showings. The more your home is out there and accessible the better chance you’ll sell quickly.

6. Receive an Offer

  • A written offer will be presented to your real estate agent. He/She will present it to you for your approval. You may accept, reject or counter the offer. Discuss this with your agent.
  • Once both parties have signed the Agreement (offer), it is considered executed. You just sold your house!…Almost!

7. Prepare to Close

  • The property may be inspected, appraised, checked by the township, or surveyed. The buyer still has an opportunity to reject the home based on the inspection(s).
  • The property’s title will also be checked. Any liens, judgments, etc. will come up during this process. These need to be cleared for closing. Your real estate agent will help you with this.

8. Closing Time!

  • This is when you give the key to the new owner. All final paperwork is signed. The title clerk will walk both parties through the process. Closing is usually held at the buyers agent’s office or their title company’s office.

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